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Golden Eagle
  Aquila chrysaetos

* Distributed world wide across the Northern Hemisphere.

* If seen from above in sunlight the neck feathers reflect a shimmering golden color; hence the name.

* Can be seen migrating over the city and in the Lone Peak Wilderness.

* Feeds primarily on mammals, particularly Jack Rabbits. May feed on birds, especially large birds such as geese or grouse. Does feed on carrion when available.

* Nest on cliff faces and in power line transmission towers.

*Soars with wings at a slight upward angle or dihedral (Bald Eagle's wings are flat, Turkey Vulture's are held at a strongly dihedral angle).

  Photo copyright by Robert Shanz Photo can be viewed at http://www.rshantz.com/Animals/Birds/Eagles/Golden/20040910Golden01.htm    

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