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The intent of this site is to document the great variety of beautiful and fascinating wildlife found in and around the city of Draper, Utah. Draper has many parks and trails where these plants and animals can be viewed. It is hoped that this effort will create a greater awareness of nature and with that awareness increased enjoyment in hiking the trails in Draper City and the adjacent Mountains.

Draper City is fortunate to contain many different plant and animal communities within its borders. They range from the various types of riparian woodlands and marshes along the Jordan River and Corner Canyon water ways through the grassy and sagebrush covered steppes of the Upper Sonoran Desert to the scrub oak and sumac covered foothills of the ancient Bonneville shoreline.

As a bonus the eastern border of Draper City is bounded by the Lone Peak wilderness and an impressive mountain, the top of which pushes 11,253 feet into the Canadian, Hudsonian, and Alpine life zones and contains ancient glacial cirques and lakes. The proximity of this wilderness brings many wildlife that spend their summertime in the forests and peaks of the Wasatch Mountains into the borders of Draper City during their fall and winter annual migrations.

All of the birds and most of the animals that have been included in this site have actually been observed in Draper or in the Lone Peak Wilderness immediately adjacent to Draper. In addition, a few animals are listed that are likely to be seen based on survey's in neighboring canyons or from state wildlife distribution maps. Suggestions and/or corrections are welcome.


Lazuli Bunting
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