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Ruffed Grouse
  Bonasa umbellus

* Favored habitat is mixed deciduous woodlands (e.g., Bigtooth Maple and Gambel Oak thickets in Corner Canyon) with small clearings.

* Male drums on log with wings to attract mates.

* Feeds on buds, twigs, catkins, leaves, soft fruits, acorns, and some insects.

* Common in Corner Canyon of Draper City and on wooded mountain sides in the Lone Peak Wilderness but not easily seen except as a blur as they dash out of sight. Size of small chicken, a little larger than California Quail.

  Photo by Jacob W. Dingle Photo can be viewed at http://www.pgc.state.pa.us/pgc/lib/pgc/wildlife/photolib/ruffed_grouse.jpg    

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