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Scrub Jay
    Aphelocoma coerulescens

* One of our most colorful birds. The blue is not caused by a pigment but by refraction of light by the structure of the feathers.

* Year-round perky resident. Prefers areas with stunted trees (like Gambel “scrub” Oak) in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains. Also inhabits backyards of homes close to foothills.

* Acorns form a significant part of its diet. It may cache acorns for winter use. Also feeds on small rodents, insects, and eggs and young of small birds.

* Along with other members of the crow family, it is one of the most intelligent of birds.

* Lower photo shows a Scrub Jay carrying an acorn, probably retrieved from a cache since it was early spring when the photo was taken and the Gambel Oaks in which it is perching had not yet leafed out.










Top photo copyright by Robert Shanz

Bottom Photo copyright by John M. Reynolds

Photo can be viewed at http://www.rshantz.com/Animals/Birds/Jays/Scrub/20021201ScrubJay.htm    

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