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Solitary Vireo
  Vireo solitarius (Vireo plumbeous)

* Several forms exist. The form pictured is the eastern which has more yellow on the flanks and edges of wing feathers. The western form is more grayish. Distinctive “spectacles” are found in all forms.

* Nicknamed the “question and answer” bird due to its song, which is a slow series of short simple rising and falling warbled phrases, each separated by a long pause.

* Forages slowly and deliberately for insects at middle levels in trees and on outer twigs and leaves.

* Frequently heard but seldom seen in Corner Canyon, not due to shyness but to being inconpiscuous among the leaves of the tree tops where it feeds.

  Photo by Jay Gilliam Photo can be viewed at http://www.greenbackedheron.com/photo/59208715    

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