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Cougar (Puma, Mountain Lion)

Felis concolor

* Weighs 100 to 200 pounds; largest of the purring cats. A champion jumper it can jump at least 18 feet straight up a canyon wall and can make a 30-foot standing broad-jump.

* Widest distribution of any large cat. Adaptable and lives in all types of habitats wherever prey is abundant. Primary food source is deer, though smaller animals (domestic animals skunks, raccoons, and even porcupines) are also on the menu. Important predator in the ecological balance of nature.

*Secretive and rarely seen, but have been seen in Corner Canyon. Attacks are very rare (it might be said there is a greater chance of being struck by lightening). Best defense is not to hike alone and not during dusk or dawn. Do not let small children out of sight. If an animal is seen, stand up and face animal; back away slowly. Make self look larger; wave coat or arms above head. If attacked, fight back with anything available, yell “Cougar”, poke stick or thumb in eyes.

* For more on living safely with Mountain Lions see "Lion Sense" by Steven Torres, A Falcon Guide book.

  Photograph taken by Stephan Lea

Photo can be viewed at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:MountainLion.jpg

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